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Tuesday, 15. June,2021
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Residents service info tel. 639_60585                 WhatsApp, SMS 29441316 

In case of Bauska heat net crashes call 63924463                   mob. 24405858

SIA "Bauskas siltums" oficiālās e-adreses saziņas kanāls


(+371) 63960586 Bauska, Dārza 8B, LV-3901


February 22, 2021 Change of address

According to order no Nr.3-14.27/167 of Bauskas district stuff at september 3, 2020, SIA „Bauskas siltums” administrative building now has address Dārza iela 8B, Bauska, Bauskas novads, LV-3901.
Other company properties have not been changed.
Please refer to the following correspondence, contracts, invoices and other documents: SIA “Bauskas siltums” Dārza ielā 8B, Bauskā, Bauskas nov., LV-3901 or electronically to email

September 22,2020 Preparing for new heating season

      As the heating season of 2020/2021 approaches, SIA Bauskas siltums has performed the necessary repairs in the boiler house. Over the summer period, around 100 thermal meters in residential and non-residential buildings were verified. The metrological test has been passed by all reported thermal meters. SIA Bauskas siltums has prepared for new heating season.
      SIA Bauskas siltums calls for building and apartment owners to complete heating systems repair and mandatory testing of radiator air valves to protect properties from flooding.
      In multi-apartment buildings, the replacement of radiators must first be coordinated with the community of apartment owners, since the radiators belong to shares of joint ownership. The time of installation of radiators with the operator must be reconciled as it will be necessary to omit the heating system network water and it is desirable to do so by the beginning of the heating season.
      The thermal energy producer is grateful and highly valued in terms of cooperation with many customers, which have settled on the thermal energy received, thereby providing the population with a continuous supply of energy.
      Before heating season SIA "Bauskas siltums" calls on citizens with debts accruing for the thermal energy received, settle your commitments or agree on the arrangements for fulfilling the commitments by arriving at Bauskas siltums in the part of the subscribers to the lawyer.
      The readings of warm water meters in the apartment property must be transmitted monthly to the part of subscribers of the Bauskas siltums, sending an SMS or Whatsapp message to phone number 29441316 or by registering, or by calling 63960585 or 29441316 or by sending to No more pages are collected from home mailboxes.

Request to indicate only the 4-digit personal invoice number of the payment purpose.

      When starting the heating season, we call on the population to be responsible and to conserve heat, this leads to a reduction in bills. SIA "Bauskas siltums" cannot in any way affect the size of the population bill, it can only be done by citizens themselves. To raise awareness of saving thermal energy in buildings, our specialists have prepared an explanation of what factors affect thermal energy consumption and the size of bills, available on our home page under the heading “Energy efficiency of buildings”, under the heading “Power saving”. We call on citizens to familiarise themselves with this information and to spend thermal energy wisely and efficiently


June 1 ,2020 Cash work time

From June 1, 2020 SIA Bauskas siltums cash at Darza 8B work time is:
Monday 8:00-17:00
Wednesday 8:00-16:00

Lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00


To take precautions on the spread of COVID-19 virus
the leaves of the warm-water readings will not be collected. Instead

we call on citizens to report readings of warm water meters remotely:

-to phones 63960585, 63960587, 29441316 (if you dont get a call, please try a little later)
-to email or
- SMS or WhatsApp to 29441316
- by registering to report readings (E-services for clients- CLIENT REGISTRATION)

May 7,2019 Energy policy approved by Bauska municipality

Amendments were made in Energy Efficiency law, at 29 March, 2016, which provides rational management and use of energy resources, contributing to sustainable economic development and limiting climate change.
In fulfilling the requirements of this Law and observing the standard LVS EN ISO 50001, the introduction of the Energy Management System shall take place in the municipality of Bauska. Energy policy of Bauska municipality are approved on 15 November, 2018.
The energy performance performance indicators of "Bauskas siltums" for the year 2018 in residential buildings are summarised in tables1. and 2. in accordance with the Regulations on Energy Efficiency Requirements for centralised heating systems in the possession of a licensed or registered energy supply merchant and the procedures for verifying their conformity.

April 17,2019 About jobs scheduled for 2019.

“Bauskas siltums” activities is based on medium-term operational strategies 2019 to 2021 approved in January 2019. In 2019, the following are planned:
1. Heat tracks:
- reconstruct the heat transmission pipes to Darza 7/1 and Darza 12a Replacement of old pipelines with TWIN plastic pipelines (two in one), will reduce heat losses by 30% in those phases. Heat routes will be replaced without breaking the heat supply to other buildings, except one day shutdown for switching pipelines
- purchase of commercially isolated pipelines for the 219 mm pipelines replacement at 180 m length at Salatu 20. With the reconstruction of this phase, "Bauskas siltums" will close the heat reconstruction programme in Bauska and the routes will be restored for 100%.
- In April newly constructed heat route at Kareivju 3 is planned to put into service from the building on Kareivju 3 to sports games hall on Pilskalna 26 administrative housing
The hydraulic inspection of the track has been completed.

2. Boiler house:
- Interseasonal maintenance of the chip boiler will be carried out in May;
-The replacement of the installed smoke pump with the larger power pump will be carried out under the guarantee in May;
- the “Windau” cogeneration plant is at the sale stage to “MODUS HOLDING”. According to estimates of the new owners, the cogeneration plant could resume operations in the autumn of 2019, providing 2 MW heat capacity during the heating season.

3. Buildings heat supply:
- during the summer period, "Bauskas siltums" will carry out the verification of thermal meters at 18 houses, these costs are included in the heat tariff;
- using the SCADA data remotely reading system of “Bauskas siltums”, a remote reading system test will be performed to find out the possibility to perform remote management of the building, enabling operators follow the operation of the node on your computer. In the case of a positive test, the following service will be provided to all customers, owners or managers of buildings.

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