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Monthly calculation of payment for heat and hot water.

Consumers fee for whole house heat energy are calculated according to measure of house heat energy counter and heat energy rate (EUR/MWh).

Multi-apartment houses residents themselves selects hot water an heating cost calculating methodology. Enterprise "Bauskas siltums" provide service of hot water an heat energy cost calcultion. Optimal algorith for heat cost calculation solution are developed with years experience, which provide fair cost distribution among apartments owners. Use of individual heat measure allocators is also possible.

Short description of apartments cost calculation algorythm:
Calculate total cost for whole house hot water heating according to house hot water meters measures. Then divide this cost to apartments according consumption. Rest part of cost forms heat looses from hot water and heating systems. This rest part will be divided according apartments area. This algorythm is useable for systems with and without circulation.
According this, apartment cost for heat include:
1. Cost for heating of hot water, which consists of water consumption multiplication with heating energy quantity and tax of heat energy.
2. Cost for heating/hot water system.
You can also explore detailed algorythm ,applied in SIA "Bauskas siltums".
Sample of house calculation and flat bill , with allocators and direct payments service.

As informative material about various heat calculation algorithms You can read "Heat energy consumption regulation and payment calculation methods for multiflat houses with centralized heat supply".

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