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June 25,2018 Par gatavošanos apkures sezonai

Katlumājā no 12. maija tika uzsākta šķeldas katla starpsezonu tīrīšana un veikta standarta apkope šķeldas katla iekārtām. Darbi jau pabeigti līdz jūnija sākumam un iekārtas gatavas apkures sezonai. Apkopes laikā siltumenerģiju ražoja 3 MW gāzes katls, bet šobrīd siltumenerģiju karstā ūdens sagatavošanai ēkās jau nodrošina šķeldas katls zemas jaudas režīmā.
Siltumtrašu rekonstrukcija plānota 3 siltumtīklu posmos:
Plūdoņu iela 58 – siltumkamera,
Salātu 20-Vītolu 20,
Dārza 22/2 - Dārza 24.
Par siltumenerģijas padeves pārtraukumiem remontdarbu laikā iedzīvotāji tiks papildus informēti.

2017/2018. gada apkures sezona ir noslēgusies. Katru gadu vasaras periodā līdz jaunās apkures sezonas sākumam SIA BAUSKAS SILTUMS sniedz saviem klientiem (ēku īpašniekiem) maksas pakalpojumu – kopējā ēkas siltumenerģijas skaitītāja pārbaude sertificētā uzņēmumā. Pārbaude jāveic vienu reizi 2 gados. 2018. gadā SIA BAUSKAS SILTUMS ir pabeidzis siltumskaitītāju attālinātas nolasīšanas programmu (SCADA), tādejādi siltumskaitītāji ir aprīkoti ar elektroniskām ierīcēm, kuras pārvada nolasītos datus ar mobīlā tīkla palīdzību uz uzņēmuma serveri.
Lai turpmāk SIA BAUSKAS SILTUMS nodrošinātu precīzu ēkās patērētās siltumenerģijas daudzuma un parametru kontroli siltummezglos, no 2018. gada 1.jūnija tiek mainīta siltumskaitītāju nomaiņas, remonta, apkalpošanas un pārbaudes (verifikācijas) kārtība – turpmāk ēku kopējo siltumenerģijas skaitītāju iegādi, uzstādīšanu, nomaiņu, pārbaudi, apkopi nodrošinās piegādātājs SIA BAUSKAS SILTUMS. Neskaidrību gadījumā sazināties ar SIA BAUSKAS SILTUMS t.63960582.

April 9,2018  Heating season 2017/2018 is closing.

In the summer period of 2017, SIA Bauskas siltums carried out several reconstruction measures in the citys boiler house. New boiler-circuit heat exchangers were installed to increase  the capacity of the boiler house to 20 MW, as the heat energy required for the city of Bauska was delivered only from the boiler house on the Dārza 11. The boiler units (boilers and external contours) of the boiler house are equipped with frequency changers and enabled the  possibility of using an innovative opportunity in Latvia – the urban network pumps were operatedaccording the margin of further thermal pressure  on Uzvaras 9, thereby saving electricity.  On  June 30, 2017, due to the changes in cogeneration legislation, its activities were interrupted by  the SIA WINDAU cogeneration unit, whose thermal energy had been delivered to the boiler house since 2000 and provided the needs of the city of Bauska for 70%.  During the heating season, the cogeneration units were maintained in a non-freezing state, supplied with heat from  boiler house . THE owners of SIA WINDAU have not yet decided what to do with facilities requiring capital repairs, but currently without electricity support (OIK) there is no economic basis for their further use. In street Zaļā-12 to Policy building reconstruction was carried out before the heating season, as well as a replacement of the heating phase between residential buildings for Salatu 20 and Pļavu 2. The planned works were postponed due to the crash of the main heat output on 26 September on Dārza 26/2. For 5 days, the supply of  thermal energy for all consumers in the city of Bausk was suspended.In 2017, a new consumer was connected – a BJSS swimming pool at Salutu 5. The heat consumption is small except when the pool water is heated rapidly.In November 2017 due to long rains emerged crisis situation in the Baltic States chip market . Prices of timber and raw materials in all sectors of wood processing increased. Chip supplier SIA LASCANA — MILS ceased the delivery of chips to the boiler house in early December and contracted with SIA ECOMARK for a period of about 45% for the crisis. The crisis management council declared over the weekend that the consequences of floods in the forestry sector are defined as a national  natural disaster, linking it to the concept of “compelling power” and its resulting consequences. In spring 2018, an agreement has been reached between SIA LASCANA — MEŽS and Bauskas siltums about the compensation for outstanding commitments in December. The situation in the chip market has improved, but the price of chips has remained at crisis level. In order to assess the cost of heating in  the new situation, i.e. a review of the possibility of reducing the tariff, it is necessary  to obtain data on the cost components for at least 1 full year production cycle until July 2018. In May 2018, it is planned to build a 350 m heat output from the Kareivju 3 to the administrative building (sports centre behind the stadium) and this year to reconstruct the Salatu 20 and Pļavu 2 stages, the Dārza 24-22 and the connection to Plūdoņa 58. In September 2018, in the area of the boiler house, the Buaska Council  plans organize energy efficiency days to introduce residents to the renovation of buildings. Despite the fact that the company has entered into a positive balance sheet for the 2017 financial year, the long-term debts of the population and the pay level of the bills have reached 99%, we call for: owners of apartments who have still remained outstanding, to visit SIA Bauskas siltums  to jointly search for solutions  for payment of debt.

September 8,2017 New heating season 2017/2018.

In summer period SIA Bauskas siltums" has made several reconstruction efforts. In spring, at the end of the previous heating season, full maintenance and examination of new woodchips was carried out. New boiler circuit heat exchangers was installed to increase boiler capacity to 20 MW, because the heat in city will be delivered only from the boilerhouse in Dārza 11. Reconstruction was used while heat were produced in a cogeneration unit, otherwise in summer heat supply to consumers should be discontinued. In June 30,2017 due to legislative changes to its operation, cogeneration from SIA Windau was interrupted. Heat from cogeneration boiler house was delivered since March 2000. From 1 July, the heating hot water buildings produce only chips boiler. The company HW Energo continues to deliver wood chips.
Network circulation pump performance has been optimized on the basis of the difference between the actual pressure at remote point, instead of having a fixed value in the boiler-house. Actual pressure values from Uzvara 9 heatpoint determines the pumps operating mode in the boiler-house. Such a technical solution was applied for the first time in Latvia, it will reduce electricity consumption.
Leaking of heat at Zaļā 12 (police building) was found in August, therefore in September outdated pipes will be replaced with Poliurs pipes.
As a result of the reconstruction, pipes will be changed between houses Salātu 20 and Vītolu 2. The owners of the apartments will be informed about exact time of heat disconnection. Apartment owners and keepers are pleased to observe the following:
• apartment owners, who have not settled the heat account, are pleased come to SIA "Bauskas siltums" to pay their debts or call on the phone 63960585
• In September all internal heating system repairs must completed, please check the closure of risers and radiator bleeders.

April 24, 2017 Cost of heat energy production

Making maximum use of the new chips boiler, SIA Bauskas siltums significantly reduced the proportion of gas for the production of heat, reducing production costs. The following table shows houses average costs of heating to 1 square meter without VAT in comparison with the previous year, according to the outdoor air temperature difference.

Month average temperature in 2016 -7.2 +1.9
Grade days in 2016=(indoor temp.(+18)-avera.temp.)* days 781.2 466.9
2016 1 m2 cost [EUR/m2], with temp. difference influence 1.54 1.38
Month average temperature in 2017 -3.1 -2.2
Grade days in 2017=(indoor temp.(+18)-aver.temp.)* days 654.1 565.6
2017 1 m2 cost [EUR/m2] 1.22 1.05

Average heat cost in Daugavpils in February, 2017 was 1.19 EUR/m2 withot VAT to 1 m2, in Talsi 1.16 EUR/m2 without VAT

One bill preparation cost for clients, who select direct payment is 0.83 EUR without VAT. In Jelgava and Ozolnieki these cost is 1.27 EUR costs without vat, in Riga 2.73 EUR without VAT In order to reduce billing costs customers are encouraged report measures and receive invoices electronically, heat payment, cash payment orders and measures lists are created together with the A4 format on the same page.


March 21, 2016 The situation in woodchips heat house project and heat supply

At the end of the year 2015 SIA “Bauskas siltums” briefed on Structural Funds supported project "Heating efficiency in Bauska " development process, as a result of which 5 MW woodchip heat house will be installed  with a 1 MW gas capacitors. To receive support from the structural funds almost 1,3 millions Eur, construction and engineering installation works have been completed and closing the dossier must be submitted to the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) until 2015 January 31 December. The work was completed on 30 December 2015 and the necessary documentation submitted, thus is entitled to the contribution from the Funds. 2016. at the beginning of the year continued work on a building supervisor fixed Defects and represented the largest amount of auxiliary boiler automatics, boiler operating mode without timing chips power. Boiler equipment carried out safety checks, received the necessary permissions for the operation of the boiler.2 factory representatives from the equipment manufacturer KOHLBACH (factory in Austria) arrived in Bauska, who initiated the gradual starting small load mode, the generation of heat from woodchips.  At the end of February, there came the LIDA control staff and carried out the examination of the dossier , where minor deviations are resolved. The amount of THE GOVERNMENT funding for the planned for March is completed, the new equipment commissioning the State Building Control (BVKB) and the document must be submitted to THE AGENCY. The receipt of acknowledgement, will be able to initiate a full chips boiler equipment operation. It is clear that the operational and technological characteristics of the service staff will learn later in summer and heating season.
The local newspaper several times have voiced opinions about the heat, charging fees for subscribers to the maintenance of direct settlement services “twice receives payment” on one service. Of course, this is not true. The substance of the Public service regulator (SPRK) has repeatedly told the newspaper Bauskas dzive 24 February article One euro wars in Bauska could come to an end The meeting of the Council decision was taken on the heat direct settlement fees 0,83 EUR WITHOUT vat OF apartment (fee computing maintenance of all apartment owners interest) application in March 1 all apartment owners who receive heat cost calculation of subscriber parts. The arrangement to continue legal relations between energy suppliers and users of heat in residential buildings (the community), Bauskas siltums is prepared  project “The heat supply and use of the multi-apartment house”. If the body corporate of apartment owners has taken a decision on the conclusion of the contract with the supplier, and not directly by the operator, as it is now, the community has to be approved by an authorised person on behalf of the Community a signed contract with heat between suppliers and tackle the heat delivery issues. Stress that the residential property in accordance with Section 17, Paragraph 7 of this Part, the need to vote for the „on” votes of apartment owners who represent at least two thirds of the apartment owner. The agreement includes the possibility of direct settlement fee 0,83 EUR WITHOUT vat OF the apartment to pay directly Bauskas siltums (if the apartment owners do not trust the integrity of the operator) or leave the existing arrangements – pay to the manager. Additional information can be obtained from the directory or the heat in .63960585.
SIA Bauskas siltums subscribers now can see bills also in electronic form, subscriber registration in client section. .

January 29, 2016 Launched in cooperation with Credit bureau.

SIA "Bauskas siltums" started cooperation with AS „Kredītinformācijas birojs” in the case of a default, and further details of the debt will be transferred to AS „Kredītinformācijas birojs” for the processing of information, in accordance with the law, credit transfer information customer creditworthiness assessment of third persons or their credit risk management.
Information on AS „Kredītinformācijas birojs” can be found here:
Information about your credit history (2 reports a year free of charge) available here:


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