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On direct settlement

 To continue legal relations between energy suppliers and heat arrangement user residential buildings (the community), SIA "Bauskas siltums" has prepared heat supply draft treaty“The supply and use of heat in multi-apartment house”. If the body corporate of apartment owners has taken a decision on the conclusion of the contract referred to in directly by the vendor, not the manager, as is currently the case, the community has to be approved by an authorised person who signed the contract on behalf of a corporate body with the heat between suppliers and address the thermal energy supply issues.Stress that the residential property in accordance with Section 17, Paragraph 7 of this Part, the entrustment it is necessary to vote for the „on” votes of apartment owners representing at least two thirds of the apartment owner. The agreement includes the possibility already from the beginning of district heating customers paid invoice service cost (currently 1,00 EUR without vat) pay directly to Bauskas siltums or leave the existing arrangements to pay with the manager. This service cost cannot be included in the cost of the thermal energy tariff.

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