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Economy of heat energy

The main factors that determine houses heat consumption, is properly adjusted main heating unit, the technical state of buildings and hot water usage habits.

For house heating unit you can adjust and change the temperature of the hot water circulator, power station treatment time and other parameters, thereby reducing the total payments for the consumed thermal energy. Ensure all pipe good insulation.
For house must battened down the hatches, glass attic and basement windows, keep stairs to the room with the swinging double doors and mechanical door closers. Replace damaged windows. Without need do not open windows and doors in the rooms and other shared facilities.
Radiators in flats must be acurately cleaned before heating season. Tight pack windows and the doors, reducing flow of cold air. The room should be ventilated briefly and intensive. If you have set up thermoregulators, you must choose the minimum temperature in each room.

Individual heat interface units in flats

Painful problem in apartment buildings is unequal accounting of flat heat consumption, cost for heat is calculated by flat area. This problem can be solved with switching to more efficient heating system- individual heat interface unit (HIU), enabling you pay only for own consumption and to reduce bill due to energy saving. According to Latvia ministers cabinet law 907 most of old pipes are time-expired. With establishing individual HIU in houses, old pipes must be repaced. The main conditions of individual HIU establishing are possibility store HIU in the stairwell or flat, construction of new pipeline system and the commitment of citizens to cover conversion costs.
You can acquainted with experience of flat HIU in Rēzekne and with Austria firm HERZ prezentation of individual HIU.

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