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Monday, 24. January,2022
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Residents service info tel. 639_60585                 WhatsApp, SMS 29441316 

In case of Bauska heat net crashes call 63924463                   mob. 24405858

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(+371) 63960586 Bauska, Dārza 8B, LV-3901


Company core activities are:
-production of heat energy;
-heat energy transmission and splitting;
-heat energy realizing;
-heat nets repairing and setting up ;
-technical maintenance of boiler houses;
-maintenance of houses internal heat nets.

Countinuos heat energy supply to consumers supply 3 automatic water heating gas boilers with total power 15 MW at Bauska central boiler house in Dārza 11. Temperature of heat carrier are regulated accoring to open air temperature to provide stable work of houses heat nets. Houses heat and hot water temperature are regulated only in houses heat nets.

 Kogeneration station with total electrical power 3.75 MW and nominal heat power 4 Mw was built near boiler house in 2000. Owner of kogeneration station is SIA "Windau". This station provide Bauskas city with all necessary heat energy in summer months and 50% of heat in winter. SIA "Bauskas siltums" buy heat energy from kogeneration station and supply it throug heat nets to consumers.
At the end of the year 2015 SIA “Bauskas siltums” briefed on Structural Funds supported project "Heating efficiency in Bauska " development process, as a result of which 5 MW woodchip heat house was installed  with a 1 MW gas capacitors.

Total length of enterprise heat nets is 9.2 km, 90% of these nets in last 10 years was reconstructed, so total looses of heat nets are minimized to 15%.
In Bauska 80 living houses and 45 other objects are supplied with necessary heat energy.
Almost in all objects are heat units with heat counters to provide optimal work regime and useful heat energy consumption.

SIA "Bauskas siltums " is member of Latvia heat enterprises association.
Graetest ooperation partners are: Latvijas gāze, SIA "Latvenergo", SIA "Windau", SIA "Vides serviss", SIA "Latenergoprojekts", SIA "Bauskas slimnīca",  AS "SEB banka".
 There are 24 employess in enterprise. Total turnover in year 2015 was 1.52 milj.EUR.

 Main goals of enterprise:
-optimizing united centralized heat supply system as the most effective heat providing way;
-produce heat energy with most minimal costs;
-diversify ways of fuel, emphasizing optimal using of restoring energy resources in producing electricity and heat;
-gradually widing heat supply territory, giving opportunity to connect new consumers, including living houses.

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