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Residents service info tel. 639_60585                 WhatsApp, SMS 29441316 

In case of Bauska heat net crashes call 63924463                   mob. 24405858

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(+371) 63960586 Bauska, Dārza 8B, LV-3901


Where ask explanation for heat cost calculation?

Residents service tel. 29441316 or 639 60585 in Monday 8:00 -17:00 Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday 8:00- 16:00, Friday 8:00 - 15:00
meal break 12.00 – 12.30 cash work time Monday 8:00 -17:00

What means centralized heating?

Main structure of centralized heatings systems are explained in methodical mterial What is centralized heating designed by Latvian SPRK.

How use official E-address?

In situations where communication (including, notification and receipt of services) has been carried out so far by means of e-mail communication or an e-service under the responsibility of the National Regional Development Agency entitled “Proposal, Complaints, Issue or Request” (formerly called “Application to the Authority”), WE are invited to use the authorities. specialised e-services or e-addresses provided by the Authority. E-address provides secure communication according to the status of restricted availability information, unlike unencrypted e-mail correspondence. WE may not recommend the use of unencrypted e-mail communications for communication, taking into account the existing cyber security risks associated with the possible counterfeiting of e-mail recipients and content, as well as the potential risk of publishing e-mail content during data transmission between e-mail service providers. You may be familiar with the information materials on the e-address:
E-solutions- ability to easily receive Latvian State services
Info about E-address
How use e-address
Benefits of E-address use
E-address safety

How calculate cost for heat and hot water?

Cost for heat and hot water is calculated according to Heat energy supply rates calculation technique. You can explore precise cost calculation algorythm.

How announce my flat hot water counters indications?

- transmit paper list with counters indications,

- introduce counters indications in SIA "Bauskas siltums" home page. You must register in list FOR CLIENTS. At the end of every month, after entering Your e-mail and password in INPUT OF MEASURES VALUES, You can input counters indications.

- send SMS to number 29441316 . SMS sample:BS5717 12 654 where BS is compulsory symbols, 5717 ir number of client bill, followed by counters indications, delimited with skip. After indications checking client will receive approving SMS.

When heating was started and stopped?

In territory, managed by SIA "Bauskas siltums", heat will be connected, when houses owners or managers decides begin heating season.
-Representatives of legal persons and living houses owners societies begin of heating season coordinates with SIA „Bauskas siltums”.
-In houses, managed by SIA "Vides serviss", houses managers provide survey of point of view from majority of all inhabitants. House manager inform SIA "Vides serviss" t. 639 60656, about decision to begin heating season. Then specialists of SIA "Vides serviss" connect heat..
In other cases, In territory, managed by SIA " Vides serviss ", heat will be connected, when day average temperature is not more than +8 C in three day period

Does my house has great heat looses ?

You can explore comparison of Bauska houses with Bauska average heating parameters.

How easy acquire computer basic skills?

You can try computer basic skills manual

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