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Rate of heat energy

A new calculation of the determined tariffs for heating energy supply services submit 27.04.2023 to the public Utilities Commission and the justification for the new tariffs calculated under the public service is regulated by the Commission Councils decision No 1/7 from april 14,2010 “Methodology for the calculation of tariffs for heating supply services ”.

From 01.02.2023 till 30.04.2023 applied tariff is 110,04 EUR/MWh.
From 01.05.2023 till 31.05.2023 applied tariff is 88.06 EUR/MWh.
New indefinite tariff 74.88 EUR/MWh defined from 01.06.2023

Type of public service New approved tariff from 01.05.2023 (without VAT) New specified tariff from 01.06.2023 (without VAT) Decrease of tariff (%)
Production of heat energy 65.64 53.64 -18.16
Transmission and distribution of heat energy 15.80 14.52 -8.10
Trade of heat energy 6.30 6.30 0.0
Component of natural gas excise duty 0.42 0.42 0.0
Final tariff of thermal energy 88.06 74.88 -14.97

Specified tariff will be used from 01.06.2023
The specified tariff will come into force if the public service regulation commission has not taken and published in the official publication “Latvijas Vestnesis” a decision regarding the specified tariff in force revokes.

From the date of specified tariff force , the tariff specified in the SIA “ Bauskas siltums ” shall not be applied, which was published in the official issue of 30.03.2023 “ Latvijas Vestnesis ” (2023; and the public service shall not be regulated by the commissions decision No 222 of 13.10.2022, "Bauskas siltums approved base tariff for the tariffs of heating energy supply services".

The decrease in heating energy supply tariffs is related to the decrease in the price of natural gas and the price of chips.

The user may become acquainted with the generally available information included in the draft tariff regarding the draft tariff for thermal energy in SIA " Bauskas siltums" Office, Darza Street 8B, Bauska, Bauska County, on business days from noon 10:00-12:00, in advance please contact with Inese Ūdrēna, 63960587,

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