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Monday, 17. December,2018
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In case of Bauska heat net crashes call 639_24463                   mob. 24405858


(+371) 63960586 Bauska, Dārza 8/1, LV-3901

Public disclosure information

Nm. Title The frequency of the publication Information
1. The general strategic goals and capital activity of company Continuous Company strategy for years 2016-2018..
2. Strategic, financial and non-financial goals implementation results Every year Financial indicators of year 2015
Financial indicators of year 2016
Financial indicators of year 2017
3. State or local government budget contributions Every year Local government budget contributions in 2015
Local government budget contributions in 2016
Local government budget contributions in 2017
4. Information about funding received from the state or local government budget and the utilisation thereof. Every year The use of government funding for the construction of heat net from DZKS K3 Kareivju 3 to new sports centre until May 3,2018
5. The principles of reward policies. Every year SIA "Bauskas siltums" reward policies principles
6. Donation (presents) strategy and donation (presents) procedure of company. Every year SIA "Bauskas siltums" dont donate (make presents)
7. Not audited interim statements Every quarter Review of 2018, 1.quarter
Review of half a year 2018
Review of 2018, 9 months
8. Audited annual accounts. Every year Review of year 2016.
Review of year 2017.
9. Information on the ownership structure (including participation in other companies). Continuous 100% of the SIA "Bauskas siltums" capital shares are owned by the county government and the county local government established as holder of capital shares. SIA "Bauskas siltums" have no interests in other companies.
10. Information on the organisational structure Continuous Organisational structure of SIA "Bauskas siltums"
11. Information about each received and donation amount and the final beneficiaries. Continuous SIA "Bauskas siltums" never received donations (gifts).
12. Information about purchases. Continuous Purchase of wood chips- Wood chips supply contract for Bauska city boiler house Nr. BS/2016/0915. Implementation of purchase- Wood chips supply commission decision 30.09.2016
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